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Sassy!Smarty Pants!Audrey's stylist was having a bad day.Lydia was absolutely giddy over her new hat.Mabel couldn't wait for hat season.  Winter be damned.It's never a bad day when you wear a turban.Clara adorned her wild red hair regularly.Dahhhhling - Hats are the original sunscreen.Hanna secretly loved beanie static.Katie was inspired to sing "Raspberry Beret" at the top of her lungs.Georgette didn't think she could pull off a bomber hat.Yeah baby!Polly thought she was just going to kill it in Palm Beach this season.To hell with the wind! I'm wearing feathers.Clashing with the wallpaper left Camille agitated.The first blizzard of the season always calls for a silly hat.Imogene is single- handedly bringing back the Pillbox.Mitzi was hoping for big hair.  I don't think she'll be disappointed.It was a "Rat Pack" kinda day.Sometimes art is hard.

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