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Terence gave Bernice a makeover.  She isn't sure about the hat.Flo was running with a different crowd this year.It was widely known that Great Great Grandmother Gertrude had the softest hands in three counties.All the cool kids were wearing' em.Hooves and hands agree.Pierre lived for spa day!Doris had a scratchy throat.  Chicken soup was out of the question.Elliot found his garden much changed.They met in the clearing.IMG_1311The Four SeasonsRound About SundownLightening Bunny SeasonEdith was convinced a day without goats was no day at all.Nadine was passionate about heirloom tomatoes.Herb was a stickler for quality control.Overnight delivery available.Luc liked to dress for breakfast.The local goats shared their beets with new neighbors. It was a long known custom.Turkey protection program check in. Identities have been concealed to protect the innocent.

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