Welcome to my portfolio!

Here you'll find my recent work. Very happy to share that the heirloom seed project I worked on with Beekman 1802  and the Hudson Valley Seed Library is available again this year in the Beekman 1802 shop for the holidays. My very first illustration project!  Boy would I love to do more projects like this!

Please also check out my book "Jazz Age Fairytales" at Blurb and Apple has also published an ebook version in the iBook store. And don't forget to pop by CatMorris Designs and my FaceBook Page CatMorris Designs and "like" the page so you can get the latest news.

All work © CatMorris 2017
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Keep up the helpful work and(non-registered)
http://penispills-hk.com/ Sustain the excellent job !! Lovin' it!
Yes, you see things differently but and yes we see your photos as a unique one. The best thing I loved about your work is the art, the art that resides in your photography work. The art that attracts the people towards your work.
Myra Binstock(non-registered)
Your work is wonderful. I see oodles of people with your iPhone covers and ladies wearing your scarves. Wishing you much success.
Arlene Jacobs(non-registered)
The color, energy and compositional skills you exhibit in this work demonstrate what a talented artist you are.
Beth Burstein(non-registered)
Fabulous Cat! Your colors are wonderful.
And I love your iPhone-only mission!